Enrolling preschool-3rd Grade!

On January 26th, Jeffco School Board unanimously voted in favor of establishing Great Work Montessori School to be located at 5300 W Center Ave. We are now enrolling for Fall of 2017! Enroll using the links below;


Our mission is to support every child in becoming a joyful and courageous agent of peace, builder of community, and creator of justice and beauty


Our Vision is to be...

  • An accessible and diverse public school embodying the Association Montessori Internationale  (AMI) standards for Montessori education.  

  • A student body who respect themselves, others, and their environment.

  • A community of young people who see themselves as citizens of the world and enter into society eager and prepared to contribute to a peaceful and harmonious future.

  • A partnership between parents, educators, and community members working together to support children in recognizing their “Great Work.”  

Our Values are...

AMI Standards: dedication to the complete expression of the Montessori Method allows for development of the whole child.

Diversity: children from all backgrounds benefit from learning together.

Community Partnerships: the child is best served through a collaboration of parents, children and the greater community.



Enrolling today

Please fill out an intent to enroll below and we will be in touch with additional information:


“Education should no longer be mostly imparting of knowledge, but must take a new path, seeking the release of human potentialities."  
Maria Montessori, Education for a New World


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Our commitment to neighborhood and community:

At Great Work, we believe that social justice must be the heart of the school curriculum, as well as a guiding value of our work. We are building a new kind of school from the ground up. This learning community aspires to be the first of its kind, offering high quality Montessori learning environments for children of all backgrounds. While the elementary school is a Jeffco charter and is free to the public, we believe it is importat to offer preschool to families regardless of their income level. Our preschool is pioneering a tuition model calculated on the basis of each family’s ability to pay. Any family, regardless of their ability to pay is welcome in our community.

Current research points to improved academic and social outcomes in socioeconomically diverse learning communities. The Great Work Montessori Preschool enrollment will be maintained in a balance reflecting our conviction that diversity fosters empathy, adaptability and intellectual agility in our students, ensuring a more capable, interdependent, and harmonious community for all.



Enroll Now!

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Details on steps to Enroll

Below are the important next steps that you must take in order to enroll in Great Work Montessori School. If you have any questions at any time, reach out to Amy (amy@greatworkmontessori.org or 720-242-7367)

1. For all children over two years of age you must Complete a Round Two Choice Enrollment Form and submit it to Great Work Montessori School by February 10th via: 

· email - amy@greatworkmontessori.org

· fax - 720-242-7367

· by mail/in person at 6001 W. 16th Ave., Lakewood, CO 80214 (hard copies are available to fill out on site)

2.  Wait for a call or email from us letting you know if we have a space for your child.

Explanations for each step:

1.  As a Jeffco school we will follow the Jeffco choice enrollment process for all children over age 2 - entering Primary or Elementary. For families with toddlers you will be asked to use a different GWMS specific form after all charter applicants have been placed. This form will be emailed out soon. Everyone else has to go through the choice enrollment process as determined by district and state policy. In order to enroll we need to receive a completed choice enrollment form from you. You can also bring the form to one of our upcoming information meetings. Visit our Facebook site for current meetings.

2.  Once offered a spot, you will have 48 hours to formally accept the spot. You will receive a phone call and email with instructions on how to do this.