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Amy Malik 

Head of School/Executive Director

Amy Malik was born and raised in Colorado, where she attended a Montessori school through lower elementary. Upon graduating from the University of Colorado, with a B.S. in Psychology and Biology, she quickly found her way back to Montessori, working as an assistant teacher for a year in a Primary classroom. She enjoyed her time in the classroom so much that she moved to San Diego to study Montessori. She received an AMI Primary diploma as well as a MEd in Montessori Education. Upon completion of her studies Amy spent time teaching, and then went on to run and AMI demonstration school and Teacher Training center in San Diego, CA for over 4 years. She also developed and lead the fundraising arm of the Parent Involvement Committee, raising over $40,000 annually from a community of 60 children. In working with children, parents and teachers, she quickly realized that additional support was needed with discipline and classroom management, so she became a certified Positive Discipline Educator. This certification allowed her to go into schools and communities sharing tools for relating to and working with children to help them grow. Most recently Amy worked as the Assistant Principal at a 3-18 Montessori school. Amy’s Montessori and Positive Discipline trainings have also been extremely helpful in her role as a parent of two young children. In addition to serving children, parents and teachers, Amy enjoys cooking, reading, hiking, biking, and camping.

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Our commitment to neighborhood and community:

At Great Work, we believe that social justice must be the heart of the school curriculum, as well as a guiding value of our work. We are building a new kind of school from the ground up. This learning community aspires to be the first of its kind, offering high quality Montessori learning environments for children of all backgrounds. While the elementary school is a Jeffco charter and is free to the public, we believe it is importat to offer preschool to families regardless of their income level. Our preschool is pioneering a tuition model calculated on the basis of each family’s ability to pay. Any family, regardless of their ability to pay is welcome in our community.

Current research points to improved academic and social outcomes in socioeconomically diverse learning communities. The Great Work Montessori Preschool enrollment will be maintained in a balance reflecting our conviction that diversity fosters empathy, adaptability and intellectual agility in our students, ensuring a more capable, interdependent, and harmonious community for all.


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"Peace is what every human being is craving for, and it can be brought about by humanity through the child." - Maria Montessori



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